The Kamasutara is an ancient book sex written by Hindu sage Vatsyayana. It describes various sex positions that couples can enjoy. Sex is not a taboo topic in Hinduism; it is given its due status as a key aspect of Life. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the Linga form which is the Penis. Shiva & his consort Shakti are symbols of Love and strength for millions of Hindus. The Hinduism advocate that sex during night time is auspicious and give good results. The sex during day time gives bad results. The days eleventh days, full moon day, no moon day one must restrain from doing and sexual activities. One must take deep breath while doing sexual acts and to raise kundlin shakti. The sex travel though mind of both partner and discharge of strength., which complete the circle of sex cycle. One should not discharge it strength and perform sex taking deep breath..

One must fully satisfied with sexual desire and then God one must go to god for salvation therefore Hindu temple have symbol of sexual statues outside the temple tomb